Can I change the dates of my personal payment plan?

For any modification, contact us.

I have an active payment plan, can I pay the outstanding total?

The total cancellation of the debt is possible at any time, you can do it from your account on Debtor portal.

I made a payment, but it does not appear in the system.

Payments will appear 72 hours after payment is made. Only those payments that have not been returned will be shown. There is the possibility of claiming lost payments, not applied, for this, please, fill in Request for Contact form and attach the supporting documents.

I created my custom payment plan. When can I make the first payment?

You have 24 hours from the moment of saving your custom payment plan to make a first payment.

Can I suggest my custom payment plan?

You can suggest your own payment plan if:

  • you have no unpaid  payment plans 

  • you have no active payment plans

What are the rules for calculating payment plan installments?

Rules for Installment amount calculation:

Total Debt Amount Installments
0 € - 199 € Unique payment
200 € - 1000 € max 4 installments, min 100 €
> 1000 €: min 10% of current debt amount
It does not let me make a payment plan. Why? What should I do?

Please, contact us