I have received a notification from Axactor

This means you have an outstanding debt and that Axactor will provide you with the relevant information and instructions to follow in order to pay.

I wish to make a payment

You can make a payment to settle the outstanding debt either through the website or if you contact us by telephone on [+34] 910120462.

How can I pay off my debt?

Follow the instructions set out on the notice you received from Axactor. If in doubt, please contact us on the telephone number Axactor has provided.

I am certain I have already paid this debt

You can check the status of your case by contacting Axactor on the telephone number we provided.

Is my consent required for the debt assignment?

According to Spanish law, debtor consent is not required to transfer a debt to Axactor. Axactor nevertheless always notifies the debtor when taking over a debt, so the debtor can rectify the position.

How do I proceed?

Following notification, Axactor will contact you to manage the debt payment. You can access your case and verify the case status by telephone on [+34] 910120462.

Request for advice

You can request advice from a specialist debt adviser by telephone on [+34] 910120462, to assist you through the necessary steps either to rectify your position or to set up a personalised payment plan.

I have a problem with the debt repayment

If you have received a repayment notification but are facing financial difficulties at this time and are unable to meet the full amount of the debt, please contact us to work out a solution.

Is Axactor able to claim an amount I owe but which I contracted with a different company?

Yes, if the amount owed was transferred from the original creditor in favour of Axactor then Axactor is deemed to have taken over the debt and becomes your new creditor. Debt assignment is regulated by the Spanish Civil Code and is a common marketplace practice.

Is the debt assignment advantageous for me?

The main advantage is starting a new framework of relations with the new creditor. As soon as Axactor takes over your debt you can negotiate new interest rates, repayment periods and grace periods for instalments.