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What we do

We buy portfolios of debt. / NPL

Axactor can buy all or parts of your debts. Let us take over the risk and the work with getting paid for your invoices.

We manage late payments. / 3PC

You focus on your business, we will take care of your late payments.

We carve out existing debts / BPO & Carve out

BPO & Carve Out is a service where we acquire the platform that is currently serving a specific type of debt together with the contract to manage the mention debt during a specific period of time.

What we are

Axactor helps people and companies with credit management. We help people in a tough situation to get a better life, but most and foremost, we help hard working companies get paid.


We are passionate with great knowledge in the industry.


We act with integrity, create trust and build long-term relationships.


We are proactive in taking on future expectations.

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